My debut novel will be published in fall, 2022

Eden Ridge is the perfect place to restore a grieving soul. Alan Wright retires to the idyllic town nestled in mountain pines to build his spiritual center and heal after the shocking death of his wife left him inconsolable for two years. Just as he begins drawing a congregation and mending his heart, the murder of his best friend and favorite follower threatens to break his spirit again.

Ruth MacKenzie was to gift Alan with a rare and valuable antique that now is missing along with her bright, fierce presence. Convinced that her generosity - and his outsider status - got her killed, he decides he must risk everything to set things right. Helped by Ruth’s friends - known as The Little Red Hens - he faces ridicule, arrest, and his own demons to hunt for her killer.

More than a murder mystery, Where You Will Die peers into the human heart, where even the admirable trait of loyalty can beget heroism or villainy. Alan Wright seeks to understand the human dilemma – whether to follow our light or dark natures – and how we all believe we act with the best intentions.

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“Heaven is a library of every book ever written and eternity to sit reading with an endless cup of rich coffee.”

Alan Wright

Where You Will Die

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