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A New Interview - Nancy's Bookshelf

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nancy Wiegman of North State Public Radio for a discussion of my first novel, Where You Will Die. I wanted to share the enjoyable and incisive conversation.

Nancy has held forth on the Chico-based NPR station for many years, interviewing local, national and international authors for as long as I can remember, and it was a great honor to spend the hour with her. She's fun to talk with, always a little bit unpredictable and mischievous, suddenly throwing a question that seems casual but makes the subject dig deep for an answer.

For example, she quoted the protagonist, Alan, as saying, "We are what we think" and asked me if that was my own belief spoken through Alan's words. It took me aback, because I realized that I had made Alan very much in my own image, so much so that he would casually say something that I deeply believed. It was fun to have the inner workings of my own heart and how I put those workings down on paper revealed to me by another person.

In any case, I thought I'd share. It's only a 35 minute recording, and I hope you'll listen in to the conversation. Following our talk, Nancy interviews Brian T. Marshall, a Chico based farmer, non-profit director and author of "A Stone Bled Dry", the story of an elderly man who lives alone in a mobile home in sparsely populated Modoc County in Northern California.

Oh yeah, then there's this:

Blatant Self-Promotion Section

My first novel, Where You Will Die, is available now exclusively on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

"This philosophical mystery will captivate readers thanks to a winning cast and setting."- Kirkus Reviews

"Quirky, engaging whodunit." - Rick George, author of Sinister Refuge

"An enjoyable ride with a satisfying end." - Helen Reynolds, Reedsy Discovery


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