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WOW! - Five Stars for Where You Will Die

From the Blowing My Own Horn Department:

Huzzah and Hooray!

I was pleased and honored to see that the folks at The Prairies Book Review really enjoyed the first story about Alan Wright and The Little Red Hens in Eden Ridge: Where You Will Die.

In the main review, they said things like:

"A clever, engaging mystery with plenty of red herrings."
"Interestingly quirky characters add charm to a mystery packed with tension and suspense in Heath’s engrossing latest novel. "


"Throughout the intricately woven, engrossing narrative, Heath demonstrates how personal prejudices can affect a person’s behavior, leading to discrimination, ill will, and hostility."

They also posted to their BookView Review editorial website, awarding it five stars and saying:

Delightfully unpredictable characters, an endearing lead, and a visually delightful setting enhance Heath’s latest mystery.

calling it...

"... a potent, atmospheric, and wholly satisfying mystery. A must-read."

Wow. I'm a bit embarrassed (but not enough to not post it all over social media.)

BookView Review also posted an interview with me, discussing this book, and a little bit about my upcoming sequel, Killing Buddhas.

And about that sequel - I am working on a major developmental draft now, and doing all I can to publish it this fall Keep your eye out for upcoming announcements.

Meanwhile, if you haven't read the first book, here's your chance (It's a five-star winner, after all!)

Blatant Self-Promotion Section

My first novel, Where You Will Die, is available now exclusively on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

"This philosophical mystery will captivate readers thanks to a winning cast and setting."- Kirkus Reviews

"Quirky, engaging whodunit." - Rick George, author of Sinister Refuge

"An enjoyable ride with a satisfying end." - Helen Reynolds, Reedsy Discovery


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