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We Have Liftoff!

Hello! Unlike the Artemis moon rocket, my debut novel Where You Will Die launched and cleared the tower over the past few days!

It is available for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and in paperback NOW!

This is the culmination of work, waiting, and hoping for over five years. I wrote the first words in July 2017, signed the acknowledgement pages to lay out the final version in July 2022, and from September 25 to today, published it on Amazon and gave away over 200 copies of the Kindle version, free.

Along the way over those five years, many people have helped me, encouraged me, and spoke truth to me about what worked and what did not. I can say with confidence that it's as good as it's going to get*, and ready for the world.

*(Good as it's going to get - I'll let others decide if it's good.)

So this is a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who played a part. This would not be possible without you.

Oh - and I had a tiny little thrill this week - while the book was on the Kindle free list, it spent a little over 2 days at #1 in the Religious Mysteries category!

The novel Where You Will Die at #1 on the Kindle Free Best Sellter list
I took a screenshot. Like Halley's Comet, this is not going to happen again any time soon.
Yeah, it's the free list, but it was fun just the same.

Two readers have already left very nice reviews on Amazon, and if you read it, I hope you will review it too. Reader reviews are like gold on Amazon - people prefer to hear from readers like themselves more than professional critics or academics. Your opinion matters, and whether you enjoyed the story or not, I need to hear your opinion as much as the next potential reader does.

So, spill the tea!

Next on the agenda is an interview with local literary impresario Alan Rose for his monthly show, Book Chat on KLTV. We'll sit down to record our conversation in October, which will be aired in November. Alan also streams the shows from his website here, so watch for future emails from me to let you know when you can catch it.

But for now, as we start down the path to autumn and the holidays, I won't be doing a great deal to promote the book. I've got garden chores, and canning to do, a short holiday trip and all the other little bits of life that need my attention.

Besides, I'm working on the sequel - Killing Buddhas. I'll do my best to get it to you in fewer than five years.

Oh - and we will be welcoming a new pup into our home! Our hearts have been sore over losing our beloved Coco in July, but there are many more doggos who need love, and we have a lot of that to give. Just doing that will take a big chunk of every day (poor, pitiful me, having to play with a dog, eh?)

So thanks again, and let me finish this post up with the "nutshell" explanation Alan Wright gave as the core message of his ministry - because I am a devotee of his creed:

"In a nutshell, we come from the world not into it. We are expressions of the world the way leaves are expressions of a tree. We belong in the universe as much as a star or a starfish. We're all the same, we're all connected, and the only divisions between ourselves and others, ourselves and the world, ourselves and God, are the fictions we create in our minds."

Be Well!



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