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The (Five) Stars Keep Coming

From the "I Shouldn't Brag, But..." Department

Where You Will Die, the inaugural book of the Eden Ridge Mystery series, continues to get good press and glowing reviews, much to my surprise and pleasure. The latest comes from Keith Mbuya, reviewing for Readers' Favorite. And what did Keith think of the story?

Since he gave it a five-star rating, I'm thinking he liked it.

Here's my favorite line from his review, which you can read here:

"If you are looking for a mystery murder novel whose plot is anchored in a gripping tale of small-town gossip, family feuds, paranoid detectives, shady religious leaders, charismatic spiritual non-religious leaders, and sisterhood drama, among so much more, you will love Craig Allen Heath’s Where You Will Die."

Other reviewers from Reader's Favorite also chimed in with five-star ratings and some nice comments:

"Craig Allen Heath created an engaging page-turner with death, grief, and friendship as themes. The story is beautifully written and is compelling and gratifying." - Alma Boucher
"The plot is easy to follow, but not predictable. The older, feisty ladies of The Little Red Hens Club fill the pages with endless chuckles and help turn Where You Will Die into an unputdownable whodunit!" - Tracy Traynor

It's always nice to learn that someone likes your book, but I'm especially gratified when someone "gets" what I tried to accomplish, and these reviewers did just that. All of them focused on the theme of loyalty and it's dark side, on how I tried to pay homage to Paradise California through my descriptions of Eden Ridge, and how dearly I wanted the reader to enjoy the antics of the Little Red Hens.

In honor of these new reviews, and because I will be attending and signing books at the 2023 Pacific Northwest Author's Book Fair this Saturday, the Kindle edition of Where You Will Die will be available for 99¢ From Saturday October through Wednesday October 11.

Click or scan this QR code to go directly to the Amazon page:

Hope to see you Saturday - Be Well!


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1 Comment

Oct 05, 2023

I love this review. And it's all so true. This is an amazing book. We want the sequel!!!

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